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The Teaching and Learning  Forum is a place for sharing methods of enhancing student engagement and performance within a Higher Education environment. It is also a place for sharing changes in the Higher Education that have an impact on faculty/academics day-to-day operations. This blog was started by academics(lecturers & professors) in a South African university (University of the Free State) with a deep interest in advancing teaching and learning. Beside the aforementioned, we welcome and encourage contribution and comments from all quarters of Higher Education i.e. universities outside and within South Africa. We submit to the fact that most academics are not trained as teachers or learning facilitators, but rather as researchers and creators of knowledge. However evolving times have called for the rise of university teaching, curriculum design and assessment skills requirements. This is a call for academics to be more conscious about the way they deliver lessons, the way they design the curriculum and the way they assess students’ knowledge.

Quality Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world -Nelson Mandela (edited)

The pressure from governments all over the world, for universities and colleges to increase their pass rates (number of learners who graduate), calls for university academics to rethink and reflect on their teaching and learning practices. There is no doubt that university academics have led in ground breaking research, and as such, pride themselves with the amount and quality of those research outcomes. In the face of pacey advancements in technology and unavoidable massification of higher education, universities around the world are consistently seeking ways to maintain competitiveness and quality.

A child without education is like a bird without wings. – Tibetan Proverb

One area in which us as academics can contribute to improve our institutions standing and contribute to nation building is through enhancing our teaching and learning practices through sharing of best practices. whether in face to face learning, blended learning or online learning. We invite all academics to contribute to this blog so that we may learn from each other and improve our current practice. From sharing we hope that you, as a learning facilitator, can try out some of the tools and methods that you learn from this blog. We also invite university administrators to share knowledge of potential game changers within the Higher Education environment. We don’t only hope for you to share your successes only, instead feel free to share your (or others) failures as well since we also learn from the misfortunes we experience.

Happy Blogging!! 🙂

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