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Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in All Disciplines | 0 comments

Creative student assignments, should be creatively assessed – is Blogging their work the answer?

Creative student assignments, should be creatively assessed – is Blogging their work the answer?

Recently I challenged my anatomy students to do a video assignment in which they showcased their talents, whilst teaching us the skeletal system. They were allowed to write and record a song or rap, choreograph a dance or build a model of the skeletal system, any form of delivery was allowed, provided they used this to teach and to learn. Assessment for this particular assignment was rubric based and I as lecturer was the only one to assess it. Comparison to the previous year’s student throughput indicated very significant improvements in their knowledge of the skeletal system.

So I succeeded right? Well I suppose so, but the students expressed a need to contribute to the assessment process. They argued that they worked hard on this assignment and that receiving a percentage mark from me alone was not satisfactory. The question is now, what can I do that is different and what would stimulate these Millennials’ need for recognition and incorporation of technology (to address just two of their many needs)? Upon reflecting on this dilemma and after attending a pre-conference workshop on Blogging at HELTASA today, I’m starting to think that I could provide them the recognition they strive for through social media platforms and perhaps Blogging. The current idea is to, after showcasing each groups’ assignment to the class, that the class should vote for their favorite video(s), and that the winning video could then be uploaded to a social media platform, perhaps in the form of a VLOG for the video assignment, and a Blog for the written content?

Keeping up with this generation sometimes proves to be a difficult task, but as a young lecturer myself, I’m up to the challenge. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or perhaps have other suggestions?

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