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Posted by on Oct 14, 2015 in Blogging, Educational Technologies | 2 comments

I Blog Academically Because…

I Blog Academically Because…

I have attempted to blog socially and it did last long, it actually did not seem like a pleasurable thing to do. Perhaps it was my not being so keen to bare my soul to the public because the more one writes the more they unconsciously put themselves out there. Still I could not get the urge to put words on paper off my mind and sought less personal means to share my thoughts with anyone interested. And I blog because I obviously have something to say and I want to learn from the inputs people make towards my opinions. As a pro-technology based education activist I blog to stand corrected and to be reminded that there are other ways of being great at teaching that do not necessarily have to be fully technologically based, I tend to take that for granted. I blog because I am interested in what people have to say, I can never undermine whatever ‘little’ contribution anyone could make towards my bank of knowledge. I used to think I blog because my manager forced me to. This was changed when I realized he actually knew I had a lot to say but was just not saying it and he thought of a way I could say it without feeling the pressure. What was putting me off the idea of blogging was the formality I assumed it required. I later learned that the more I bring my personality into it the better because I retain my voice and do not replicate someone else which makes it easier for me to remain genuine. As for my language, I do not write as I talk obviously and I am not free of error, having to re-read my blog entries before they are publish or even worse have the administrator request adjustments of any sort makes me put more effort writing an entry the first time I do it. Today I do not blog because my manager forced me to but I do it because I have a lot learn from you.


  1. Great piece. I like the way you are now comfortable with blogging. Its inspiring.

  2. I would have never done it without your support. Thank you.

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