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Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in All Disciplines, General | 2 comments

Notes on Online Learning

Notes on Online Learning


Interestingly online learning is not as new as I had previously imagined. Moreover online learning qualifications now are considered to be just as credible and have the same value as traditional degrees, meaning that one can get an Ivy league education without physically sitting at an Ivy league institution such as Princeton, Harvard or Oxford University. For instance Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education offers an impressive range of over 90 online courses, which are transferable towards their Certificate of Higher Education.

Most important to note is that it is claimed online learning is comparatively affordable than traditional universities and colleges, however I wonder to what extent considering the expensive Internet charges in many developing countries such as South Africa. Therefore I ask how can access to online learning be increased for those in remote towns and villages? Although I am also curious to understand the success rates, in terms of how many students complete their online courses and/or qualifications when compared to traditional educational learning?

In particular online learning is especially viewed as a desirable way of learning for personal development with learning groups online used as resources.




  1. You raise some important issues. I think for remote areas, the government would have to get involved in the provision of internet. It is unfortunate that free internet is only available in the metropolitan cities like Pretoria. Although internet provision falls short of the true need i.e. computers, skills to use the computers, it is a good starting point.In general all types of learning, traditional and online have poor pass rates. Online learning and distance learning have the worst success rates, however they cost less and some are even free.Instructional Designers have a got a huge job at their hands, with reference to improving online success rates.

  2. Interesting piece, and some difficult questions you ask Memory. I think it will be a long time before it gets to the remote areas. Currently the traditional class is not even properly delivered in those areas. As for expense, I have seen expensive online course, and cheap ones. I have also seen free online courses. So I think it just depends where you go to for online courses. The fact that you do not have to travel and that there is no accommodation costs might be attractive, but the the internet cost is a concern.

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