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Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in All Disciplines, General | 3 comments

Online Learning as an Alternative Way to Ensure Quality Higher Education in South Africa

Online Learning as an Alternative Way to Ensure Quality Higher Education in South Africa

South Africa faces many educational challenges that are undoubtedly as a result of its racially segregated learning past. The teaching and learning challenges are undeniably very complicated, and therefore require flexible and multi-faceted approaches. Educational technologies are thus seen a one of the many ways to solve this problem. This suggests that educators and students in higher education should see educational technologies such as online learning as part of a solution that seeks to address the serious environmental and educational challenges that they encounter on a daily basis.

Although MOOCs has the possibility of increasing access to education, this does not guarantee that quality educational needs will be met by such platforms. By extension then carefully considered and contextualised teaching and learning needs have to guide the online learning interventions rather than the technology itself. In my view then it is not enough just to have superior ICTs or educational technologies without adequate training for those who use them. Moreover online educational learning should aim to promote life-long learning while it simultaneously contributes to the goal of social transformation and equity for developing societies such as South Africa.


  1. Interesting. I now see the value of online learning in respects to life-long learning. Can you explain the social transformation part, may an example to clarify that statement

  2. Thank you for sharing. In addition to Martha’s question, what steps do you think need to be taken to arrive at or to start addressing social transformation through online learning.

  3. Interesting post.You refer to many challenges in the first part of you post. Could you mention a few of these challenges, that MOOCs can solve?

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