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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in All Disciplines | 2 comments

Teaching to Understand through Constructive Alignment

Teaching to Understand through Constructive Alignment


I found these videos truly enriching. They differentiate between the different types of students and different types of lecturers. Trust me, they are worth watching.

Part 1 Learning & Teaching


Part 2 Understanding


Part 3 The Solution

Constructive alignment is a good way of organising learning material, and thus forms the guiding path to academic success. It has also received probably the widest acceptance as the learning model across universities world wide. Constructive alignment does, however have a number of left wing critics who target the entire concept of Outcome Based Learning/Education. Share your thoughts…



  1. Really informative. This should be shown to all new academic staff. I will definitely use it as part of my facilitators’ training. Maybe it is also relevant to show to students themselves to show them the rationale behind your approach when teaching.

    • Thanx for the comment, and I agree with you that this video could benefit a lot of academics. It made me conscious of the different types of students. It would also be interesting to see how students would react to this video. I wonder which learner type they would say they are.

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