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Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in All Disciplines | 0 comments

Tips for Smart Teaching

Tips for Smart Teaching

I just thought I could share with the forum on some tips for smart teaching. The tips are derived from various readings. Feel free to add your own to the list and share them with us.

1. Your enthusiasm plays a vital role
2. Be your own subject’s expert
3. State outcomes in the beginning of each lecture
4. Give quick overview of the previous lecture before starting – preferably through questions
5. Check pre-requisite learning
6. Move from the simple to the complex
7. Clarify relationships among topics in a session
8. Mind-map major- and minor topic links
9. Elaborate on difficult concepts
10. Include many examples from daily life
11. Use an appropriate level of vocabulary
12. Explain subject jargon in simple terms – to acquire subject language
13. Avoid distracting mannerisms [fiddling with hair, walking up & down, repeating sound/words like uhm, right!)
14. Make eye contact with the whole class
15. To keep attention, plan a variety of material, teaching media, use of voice, physical posture, activities etc.
16. Apply good interactive skills – make classes engaged learning experiences
17. Get your students actively involved [plan in-class & after-class activities]. Literature states: “What the student does is more important than what the lecturer does”
18. Questioning establishes new ideas
19. Invest in proper transparent assessment and detailed feedback to learn from
20. Display assessment results in rank order by showing student numbers only
21. Give recognition to best performers without letting others feel bad
22. One-minute class tests [serving as attendance control as well]
23. Have a suggestions box in class for response to: “How can we improve T&L in our class?”
24. Manage consultation hours by calling groups of students for discussions & motivation
25. Reflect on your own T&L and have regular discussion with your colleagues
26. Read about the didactics of your subject

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