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Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in All Disciplines, Educational Technologies | 1 comment

Using Whatsapp in teaching and learning

Using Whatsapp in teaching and learning


The use of Whatsapp mobile application has become one of my favourite modes of communication with my students. I chose this mode of communication because most of my students have smart phones.

In the beginning of last semester I began forming class groups for all my courses on Whatsapp mobile application and this helped a lot in communication with my students. When I first introduced this in my mathematics class it was very interesting in the beginning because I could take pictures of some methods of how to work out certain problems and post them. I also allowed students to respond certain questions asked by their peers providing an interactive forum. Communication is faster than their e-learning facility. By the end of last semester most students were aware of what was happening in the course and were eager to ask question. Most students are more comfortable with this communication method. I also found out that there are certain problems associated with this; such as misuse of the platform. To get round this problem I had to hand out a few rules and regulations on how to use the platform. I found this helpful.

If there are other people who want to try it please do and do not hesitate to reply if its works or does not work for you.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been contemplating using this method for a long while.

    Please share how you handled moderation in the whatsapp group.

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